"Relax in the tranquil Kema-Mai Restaurant surrounded by padi fields and the beautiful Ubud jungle."

The location offers you a unique dining experience with a combination of flavors and techniques from around the globe. You will find a variety of seating within the restaurant and a menu comprising culturally diverse dishes and the use of elements from different culinary traditions.

The highest quality ingredients are combined with freshly grown vegetables and herbs taken from the Chef's Garden to offer you fusion cuisine in a health conscious way both in preparation and the use of organic products. Not to be missed are the traditional Indonesian favorites that you look forward to when visiting the island.

Daun Lebar Villas is working with the community and assisting in the development and growth of the surrounding village by supporting and using locally produced items where possible.

Those interested in cookery will particularly enjoy Kema-Mai’s open kitchen, where you can watch your fresh food as it is being prepared.

Opening hours: 7.00am to 11pm
kema mai restaurant